CSS Animations

Just-add-water CSS animation

CSS Animations is a bunch of cool, fun, and cross-browser animations for you to use in your projects. Great for emphasis, home pages, sliders, and general just-add-water-awesomeness.


Danger, Will Robinson!

Attention seekers

flash bounce shake tada swing wobble wiggle pulse

Flippers (currently Webkit, Firefox, & IE10 only)

flip flipInX flipOutX flipInY flipOutY

Fading entrances

fadeIn fadeInUp fadeInDown fadeInLeft fadeInRight fadeInUpBig fadeInDownBig fadeInLeftBig fadeInRightBig

Fading exits

fadeOut fadeOutUp fadeOutDown fadeOutLeft fadeOutRight fadeOutUpBig fadeOutDownBig fadeOutLeftBig fadeOutRightBig

Bouncing entrances

bounceIn bounceInDown bounceInUp bounceInLeft bounceInRight

Bouncing exits

bounceOut bounceOutDown bounceOutUp bounceOutLeft bounceOutRight

Rotating entrances

rotateIn rotateInDownLeft rotateInDownRight rotateInUpLeft rotateInUpRight

Rotating exits

rotateOut rotateOutDownLeft rotateOutDownRight rotateOutUpLeft rotateOutUpRight


lightSpeedIn lightSpeedOut


hinge rollIn rollOut